The Lord Be With You.

And Also With You. noun. pl. liturgies. From the Greek word λειτουργια, (transliterated, “leitourgia”) meaning “the work of the people.” Liturgy may refer to, or include, elaborate formal rituals or simple daily activity. Liturgy unites the Christian Church; the Church comes together around liturgy to express its nature as a faithful and distinct people. (



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  • Vaux > liturgy ( )
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  • Vaux > liturgy ( )
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  • Jonny Baker is a UK, > specifically on the right the worship tricks section
    He is apart of a community called grace and they have a great site

Visual Liturgy Resources: (see media)

Full Order of Worship: Orders that I have either created, particpated in, or generiously adapted.

  • The Love Feast
  • Catacomb Service (download)
  • Cosmic Mass
  • Journey Though Advent: from darkness to light (download)