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  • – wonderful resource (Best of the best)
  • – An alternative worship photo archive UK services.
  • – Alternative worship is not about youth. This needs to be said, out loud and often until the message sinks in. Alternative worship is made, almost everywhere
  • > specifically on the right the worship tricks section
  • – Greenbelt Festival — Youth festival, music festival, political festival, evangelical
    festival, development festival, broke festival, harvest festival… there’s something in all these myths about Greenbelt that is accurate, but nothing entirely true.
  • – Did you know that this is not our site? It’s yours. It was made for you. to learn about the way of Jesus.


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  • Fresh Expressions – …an initiative of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York established in 2004 to encourage, enable and resource mission through fresh expressions of church in every diocese by 2010…


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communities of faith (learn about them at their own site)


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