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Indymedia video projects


This is an ongoing project of the Independent Media Center. Since Seattle, IMC videographers have provided video coverage in a number of ways: the IMC NEWSREAL which provides a monthly compliation of video activism from around the world; the IMC VIDEO CHANNEL which provides innovative sampling of video streaming from various IMC sites; and finally numerous IMC FEATURE VIDEO PROJECTS which provide groundbreaking street reportage and analysis via satellitecast television programming and subsequent video distribution. Copies of programs are made available for community screening and organizing (see individual producing groups and local IMCs for info). Also available here are several IMC SHORTS produced around major local and international events.

Free Speech TV


This is another ongoing project and has a hundreds of Real Audio file to watch in their archives. The stated mission of FSTV is to work with activists and artists, Free Speech TV uses television to cultivate an informed and active citizenry in order to advance progressive social change. FSTV airs primarily social, political, cultural, and environmental documentaries acquired from independent producers, and we are beginning to produce and commission original content.

The Cost of Cool:


Running time: 26:49 min

The Cost of Cool looks at everyday items, from T-shirts to sneakers, and tracks the effect of their manufacture on the world's resources. The Cost of Cool looks at everyday items, from T-shirts to sneakers, and tracks the effect of their manufacture on the world's resources. Teenagers examine their learned buying patterns, recognizing that much of the stuff they acquire is not needed. The Cost of Cool shows teenagers grappling with what it takes to be "cool" and the environmental price we pay to have the latest, "coolest" stuff. From the earliest age, children in the U.S. are bombarded with a constant stream of messages from all media that encourages them to consume every kind of resource and product. By the time they are teenagers, they are programmed for consumption by the media and influenced by their peers. But the environmental cost of the resulting consumption has a profound impact=ct on the entire planet. This video provides insight into ways we can enjoy a sustainable, high quality life while being less focused on personal possessions and consumption

Noam Chomsky:


Running time: 1hr 57min

If you want a good resource that outlines main of the confusing issues about globalization the understanding of Noam Chomsky is very helpful. found at

New World Border


Running time: 28 min

New World Border Globalization distrupts and destroys Mexican jobs and agriculture. The Free Trade cheap labor system draws people north. Then the migrants are cast as parasites and criminalized, enforcement is militarized. A brilliant documentary on the systemic nature of human rights violations on the border.

Praha 2000 The World Bank and IMF Under Siege!


Running time: 55 min

The World Bank and IMF Under Siege! A dramatic and immensely entertaining new video documents the latest siege of global financial institutions.

Globalization Conference


Running time: 27 min

Direct Action Headline News, June 2000


Running time: 13:20 min

Direct Action Headline News, June 2000 Focuses on the demonstrations around the world on May Day. From Australia to Zimbabwe, activists organized to protest the neo-liberal capitalist values of globalization. This episode highlights protests in Melbourne, San Francisco, and Chicago. To reclaim May Day as a celbration of fertility, the people identify irresponsible multinational corporations and celebrate communal efforts to improve workers rights worldwide.

Planet Global Globalization: Ravaging the Planet and Our Minds


Running time:11:26 min

"Global village of Global Pillage"

Link: ttp://

Running time 26 minutes

Video documentary exploring what the global economy means for ordinary people -- and how ordinary people are responding. Narrated by Edward Asner.

Behind the Label

Link: in

Running time 25 minutes

This video shows a group of youth who found our where they're clothing is being made as was appalled. So as a result they created this video and interviewed people on the Streets of New York if they are aware where their clothing is made and if they know the conditions at which the works work under. As well they interview a professor of economic and a union organizer to hear alternative way they can spend their money.

Father Roy Bourgeois
(on the School of Americas)


Father Roy Bourgeois spoke at Emory on Nov. 8th 2001 about his personal story about coming to this protest movement against the school formally known as School of the Americas. In doing so he addresses the interconnected reality that I hope to highlight. Also his story is a positive one on how one could respond coming to such a realization. [Running time 60 minutes.]

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Bullfrog Films


Over the last 32 years, Bullfrog Films has become the leading US publisher of independently-produced, environmental videos, that point the way to living healthily, happily, and with greater concern for the other inhabitants of this planet, and for our descendants. We also distribute world-famous performing arts programs from Rhombus Media. (Great video library to purchase)

Free Speech TV


Finally, after 50 years of television broadcasting, there now exists a national television channel that reflects the diversity of our society, provides perspectives that are under-represented or ignored by the mainstream media, and shines a national spotlight on engaged citizens working for progressive social change. (Great on demand video library)

This is What Democracy Looks Like


This is a 70 minute documentary capturing the events of the 1999 anti-WTO protests in Seattle."The documentary, like the protests, turns art into action..." ~ Village Voice

Store Wars



The Merchants of Cool



Secrets of Silicon Valley






Bullfrog Films  1997.  Explores both the comical and sobering aspects of our consumerism and its enormous impact on our families, communities, and environment. This Affluenza web site lists many other Web sites, listservs, e-mail newsletters and user groups on the Internet devoted to simple and sustainable living

Escape from Affluenza. 


Bullfrog Films  1998.  Using personal stories ranging from Seattle to the Netherlands, this video shows some ways that people can reduce their consumption and simplify their lives. 

Beyond the News:  Money.


Beyond the news is an ongoing project of Mennonite Media. Accompanied by a study guide, this video offers ten segments to help persons openly discuss the choices we make about money.

or order it from

Break Forth Into Joy:  Beyond a Consumer Lifestyle.


Alternatives for Simple Living 1995.  Shares the feelings, thoughts, and practical ideas of a variety of people who struggle with life in a consumer society, calling us toward a lifestyle that is more fulfilling and joyful.  Includes study guide, making it an effective tool for group study. View the full Transcription

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