We live in a world that has bought into the idea of thinking globally. That global expansion of the western lifestyle is a good thing. Tragic situations from all over are brought into our lives, our cars, and our living rooms. We hear news and feel numb and hopeless. We rationalize it… "That doesn't affect me; they are over there, and I'm here." We go about our lives going to school, working, and interacting with our friends and family.

We pause for a commercial and are repeatedly told to buy this name brand, to wear these shoes, to support this bill, this candidate, to drink this soft drink, and to watch these movies. Who are the ones that is getting rich off these products? Who are making these product and are they making a living wage? What is the environmental impact of my Nike shoes? My Old Navy Jeans?

Is anybody doing anything about this? Is the church doing anything about this? In this session we will explore these issues and more. We will briefly look at what globalization means, I offer a few practical steps everybody can take, and we will discuss what other people are already doing.



December 7, 2001 ~ Last Updated:  July 15, 2006
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