creativity & media

  • The Work of The People – The Work of the People is defined by its name. We are a community of artists, storytellers, filmmakers, poets and theologians. Our work is to tell the story we share and to ask poignant questions through film, literature, art and music. We utilize our gifts to create tools for the Church to engage universal spiritual issues through progressive media. We confess that we are created in the image of God and fulfill our calling by creating and recreating to the glory of God. ( Clearly the best site out there right now. ) –
  • Highway Video – Ministry video that drive truth… Contemporary ambient video resources, Flash animations, ambient music. –
  • NOOMA (video series  by Rob Bell teaching pastor at Mars Hill Bible Church Grand Rapids ,MI) ) – NOOMA is the new format. It’s short films with communicators that really speak to us. Compact, portable, and concise. Each NOOMA touches on issues that we care about, that we want to talk about, and it comes in a way that fits our world. It’s a format that’s there for us when we need it, as we need it, how we need it. –
  • Flannel – is the nonprofit behind the BASICNOOMA, and Ed’s Story films. We are a group of people committed to giving everyone a fresh look at the teachings of Jesus. We’re just a small company that is donor-supported and loved. We are not affiliated with any church, denomination, religious organization, or religious movement. Please click here to view their statement on doctrine. 
  • Visions – Natural world, medieval religious imagery from Visions. –
  • Proost – We produced and sell music, videos and other bits and pieces that are produced at the grassroots and deserve a wider airing. –