Words…    Thoughts…    Ideas…  I LOVE THEM! Anything that gets my brain thinking.   I have started watching TedTalks video on Netflix Instant… the one that i watch today was the first episode of TEDTalks: Cyber Awe

Which was by Jonathan Harris on collects stories… as he says in unconventional ways. At the EG conference in December 2007, artist Jonathan Harris discusses his latest projects, which involve collecting stories: his own, strangers’, and stories collected from the Internet, including his amazing “We Feel Fine.”



Side note: Jonathan Harris is Artist and computer scientist Jonathan Harris makes online art that captures the world’s expression — and gives us a glimpse of the soul of the Internet. His website is http://number27.org/
 Here is is talk that prompted me to check out the wefeelfine.org and led me to his site website me to the website.

“Jonathan Harris [is] a New York artist and storyteller working primarily on the Internet. His work involves the exploration and understanding of humans, on a global scale, through the artifacts they leave behind on the Web.” Edge.org

 After exploring wearefine.org poked around to see what else he had done…. and found this. 🙂



If i were to guess I would say it was inspired by another great video

Noah takes a photo of himself every day for 6 years.

Which is how I found Carly Comando  and her album One Take  which Everyday the song on the video is on…

she says: I wrote “Everyday” specifically for Noah Kalina’s amazing youtube video…






What is the Story You Are Creating With Your Life?