Artist: Brother AliĀ (homepage)
Album: Us (Album Review)
Song: Tight Rope
Video from Vimeo.
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Verse 1:

Frigid frozen Minnesota
Chip on his shoulder
Sick sleeping on a pissy sofa
Unwanted visitor in a different culture
Missing home and he can’t go their civil waring
Listen solider forget getting over
Prison state around the corner homless is even closer
Kids with similar skin color still don’t even wantcha
Spit and insult ya cause they have been here longer
He leave his crib he guaranteed the pigs approach ya
Where ya going where ya from any weapons on ya?
Your family is stressed out your getting older
You don’t live the way they did back in Somalia
It’s extra difficult to be a daughter
Trying to keep it modest with sinners all around you
Where the wrong garment your parents get an ulcer
If you wrap it up the other children picking on you


Live in two worlds with your eyes closed
Tip toeing on a tight rope
Holding on for survival
Nobody to blame this is just how it goes

Verse 2:

Holidays and you know what the business is
You get two birthdays and two Christmases
Older you get you resent how sick it is
They’re trying to cover their guilt with the gifts they give
Bounce from his house to her house
Too bad that marriage didn’t work out
Now you don’t have a your house
Daddy fighting mommy they both tell me they love me
If I get to close to one the other one start acting funny
Ma went and had a baby with a different dad
You act happy to please em but you are really sad
Seeing first hand that family that you will never have
Plus you ain’t no real brother, you’re just a half
Got to pick up the pieces and move on
Bed time stories and greet them on the phone
Live in two houses and neither one is home
Wishing you were grown have the freedom to get gone

Chorus x2

Verse 3:

Daddy was a preacher, momma was a Sunday school teacher
Big brother, football squad leader
Now far be it for you to disappoint or displease them
Your just being what you feel you see in
That mirror every time you peer in
Swallow the tears inside that empty feeling
Her boy terrified to let the world in
He has girlfriends but doesn’t want a girlfriend
He retreats inside himself
Where he lives life itself in secret
Daddy says people go to hell for being
What he is and he certainly believes them
Cause there ain’t no flame that can blaze enough
To trump being hated for the way you love
And cry yourself to sleep and hate waking up
It’s a cold world y’all shame on us

Chorus x2